A Heating Legacy Revitalized

In 1989, Symtec developed its first heated product with a snowmobile thumb warmer. Soon, we were manufacturing a full line of heated aftermarket products for the powersports industry under the Heat Demon brand as well as completely customized OEM heating solutions from LCD warmers to heated grips. Throughout our history, Symtec has emphasized innovation and integration, constantly improving and perfecting our process and heating solutions.

In 2010, Symtec’s founder sold the company to Riley Harlan who revived our company’s approach and core values. The entire organization, including the Heat Demon brand, went through a rebranding as part of a larger effort to move our products into the future. With new facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota, cutting-edge equipment and revamped internal control systems, Symtec has turned out more inventive and reliable solutions than ever before.

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