Turning Concept into Design & Engineering

From ideation to manufacturing, Symtec’s heating element methodology ensures our clients receive the best possible final product. During the design and engineering phase, we develop several initial concepts, taking into consideration all the factors that may affect quality, usability, cost, etc. A final concept or combination of concepts is selected after careful consideration. It is then developed using cutting-edge CAD software and Photoshop renderings.

In the prototype stage, our first priority is making sure the integrated heating solution will work as intended. We go through a process of thorough testing and redesign until everything from heat distribution to aesthetics, from durability to ease of use is perfected. Each iteration is evaluated for strength, efficiency, safety, functionality and any requirements our customers bring to the table. All of this testing is done in the U.S., in real-world conditions. On the road. In the woods. Through the trails. In rain, wind and shine.

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