Flexible Medical & Industrial Heating Solutions

With an extensive range of capabilities, we can customize flexible heaters and controllers for nearly any medical or industrial application. Whether you’re a member of the medical field in need of customized heating technology for fluid warmers or a manufacturer wanting a heated forklift windshield, Symtec has teams of engineers and technicians with experience in your industry. We have the capabilities to design systems as intricate as heating elements for LCD screens or as rugged as deicing systems for industrial equipment.

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As a leader in heating elements and controllers, Symtec employs a proven process of ideation, design and engineering, prototyping and manufacturing to develop the ideal customized heating system for each of our clients’ specific applications. These solutions are perfected through a series of real-world testing and quality assurance measures. A captive agreement with our Chinese manufacturer and ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing further ensures we deliver unmatched flexible heater and controller solutions.

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