Heated Apparel Controllers: Maximize Heat.
Minimize Draw.

Designed by powersports engineers and technicians, Symtec apparel heat controllers meet strict standards of fit, form and function. Whether vehicle mounted or standalone, we work with each client from the beginning of the process to make sure we design a product that meets their specific requirements.

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Our controller technology is designed to provide comfortable levels of heat through the apparel's heating element while minimizing power draw on the vehicle. Each design is different, so we place a great deal of importance on testing every heat controller we produce. Through this extensive, real-world testing, the Symtec team also ensures that, in addition to generating the specified level of heat, each controller is safe and easily accessible to the wearer, whether riding, hiking or sitting in a deer stand.

Symtec’s quality control measures go beyond the testing stages. Through a captive agreement with our manufacturer in China and ISO: 9001:2008 certificaion, we guarantee that every controller we produce meets our rigid quality demands.

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