Where Concept Becomes Reality

Symtec remains committed to quality and innovation through every phase of heating product development, from ideation to manufacturing. In keeping with this commitment, we develop several initial concepts in the design and engineering phase, taking into consideration usability, cost, heat distribution, durability, riding conditions and other factors. Closely involved with the entire development process, our clients then select the concept that most closely resembles the end product they’ve envisioned.

We use cutting-edge CAD software and Photoshop renderings to ensure we develop a heating element or controller that fully integrates into the design of the jacket, vest, pants, etc. Through a series of prototype designs, testing and redesigns we ensure everything from safety to functionality is optimal before moving into production. The testing is completed in the U.S. in real-world conditions, guaranteeing we produce the best possible heating system.

For more information on how we can design a heating solution for your apparel needs, contact us. To get started today, request a quote.